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    As long as our Glitch Don't Patched our Hack will Work.

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    We use private proxies and everything is done on our server to ensure hack is not detected.

    About our team

    Hey there guys, just going to write a little bit about us here. We're a group of 3 professional coders in our mid 20s who spend most of our time creating private game cheats. When Pokemon GO was released, we got straight onto making a hack for it and was successful in doing so.

    We decided that we would make this one public and put it onto our website. We take real care in what we do here at SigmaExpense, mainly to save you guys money and time. We got to work on the cheat for Pokemon GO on the day of the release (It took us about a couple of days to perfect our generator)

    Handy Pokemon GO Cheats and Tricks 2016

    Starting with the famous Pikachu

    There are a few tricks for the game which don't involve using an online generator such as starting with Pikachu. To do this you will start the game as normal. When the professor asks you to catch your first pokemon, normally Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur. But rather than catch one of them instantly Simply ignore and walk away from them (in real life) and wait until your mobile device vibrates, you will be prompted to catch one of them again, simply ignore it for a little while, you may have to repeat the process up to 5 times but in the end Pikachu will appear and you will be able to have him as your starter pokemon!

    Collecting alot of the same Pokémon is important 

    You may come across alot of the same Pokémon for instance, Pidgey and think to dismiss it all the time as you already have a couple in your Pokédex.. but it is actually wise to catch more of the same Pokémon as you get candy for catching them, which will allow you to evolve the Pokémon. For example, you get 3 candies per Pidgey, and to evolve him into Pidgeotto would take 12 candies, which means if you catch 4 Pidgeys you will be able to evolve him. But to evolve from Pidgeotto to Pidgeot, it's an outstanding 50 candies. Better start catching those Pidgeys, guys. ;

    Dont waste PokeCoins on PokeBalls, Buy Incense and Lures

    It may be tempting to just buy a load of Pokeballs to catch your Pokemon but don't.. Every time you check into a PokeStop you will get a decent supply of Pokeballs. But an even better way to catch them all would be to have a load of Incense and Lures in your inventory. Thus making you use less PokeBalls and have less failed attempts at catchin the Pokemon you want to add to your PokeDex.
    So what does incense and Lure Modules actually do? Well incense is basically a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes, whereas the Lure module attracts them to your local PokéStop for 30 minutes.

    Keep the app open to hatch eggs

    The Pokémon Go app only really clocks the steps you make while it's open. That means if you've got it running in the background or not running at all, likelyhood is you can wave the prospect of ever hatching that egg goodbye. So keep the app open guys! Also: if you have a record player in your household, it might be wise to place it on that as it's always moving ;) Thus saving you from walking miles on end.

    Features of our Pokemon GO Hack

    • Poke Coins: Ability to Generate Unlimited PokeCoins

    • Poke Balls: Ability to Generate Unlimited Pokeballs

    • Proxy and Anonymity: We have an inbuilt invisibility + proxy system which works as an anti-ban (Optional)

    How to Hack Pokemon GO Guide NO DOWNLOAD

    Short Tutorial on how to use our online for hack Pokemon GO:

    1. Scroll up on this page to the generator
    2. Enter your username used in the game.
    3. Choose your device platform and Region you live in.
    4. Select the amount of resources as desired ( PokéCoins, PokéBalls ).
    5. Tap The Start Button.
    6. Wait for a few seconds while your request is being processed
    7. Enable proxy support and Invisiblity for added Anti-ban
    8. Complete Verification Check
    9. Enjoy unlimited resources!!